Proposal Essay Topics And Ideas for Students

Proposal Essay Topics

Crafting a well-composed proposal essay hinges on selecting a compelling topic that clearly outlines a suggested plan of action. This article provides numerous proposal writing ideas across diverse categories tailored for college and university students seeking inspiration to motivate change through persuasive arguments and solution-oriented recommendations.

What Is a Proposal Essay?

A proposal essay presents an evidence-based case justification aimed at convincing readers that implementing specific ideas will yield constructive outcomes designed to ameliorate, improve, or solve defined problems.

Writers utilize factual presentations, opinion excerpts from knowledgeable sources, plus logical reasoning to demonstrate proposal viability. Organizational formats may differ slightly but generally encompass the following:

  • Introducing issues necessitating intervention evidence
  • Compelling explanatory background contextualizing the topic
  • Proposed action plan details with preparatory steps, resource requirements, and staging timeframes.
  • Anticipated implementation constraints identification accompanied by mitigation strategies
  • Potential positive and negative outcomes estimation
  • Basis establishment for projected favorable results over alternate approaches
  • Appendices with data tables, charts, and research report references, supplementing key positions

Top List Of Proposal Essay Topics

Here are some interesting topics and ideas to get you started on your proposal research paper:

Top 10 Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

  1. Increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for mental health services to improve nurse practitioner accessibility
  2. Embed registered dietitians within primary care clinics to guide lifestyle disease management
  3. Construct additional rural mobile health clinics to serve isolated regions lacking care access
  4. Subsidize fitness center memberships via Medicare to lower obesity disease burdens
  5. Eliminate insurance coverage exclusions for experimental therapies for terminal patients
  6. Impose excise taxes on sugar-sweetened sodas to fund public health and nursing education initiatives
  7. Enact legislation capping maximum allowable credit card interest rates
  8. Break up monopolistic health insurance corporations to encourage competition and innovation
  9. Increase funding for PTSD therapy training for nurses serving vulnerable veteran populations
  10. Embed mental health counselors within elementary and high schools to provide nursing access

Best Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Federally mandate paid maternity and paternity leave policies supporting early childhood development
  2. Construct additional subsidized daycare networks enabling struggling single-parent nurses’ educations
  3. Increase National Institutes of Health research funding for Alzheimer’s disease care models
  4. Apply social security survivor benefits towards funeral expenses aiding grieving families
  5. Federally fund suicide prevention counseling staffing within underserved community clinics
  6. Enact regulations capping allowable nurse-to-patient hospital unit staffing ratios
  7. Increase NIH funding for accelerated nursing education programs and scholarships
  8. Require universal body camera activation for hospital security staff to enhance safety accountability
  9. Impose stringent regulations governing pharmaceutical company opacity and price gouging
  10. Eliminate restriction of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions

Easy Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Install additional bike lanes linking distant hospital parking lots to main buildings
  2. Enable class note uploads between nursing classmates through password-protected university portals
  3. Ban plastic water bottle sales in campus medical centers and cafeterias
  4. Implement course textbook rental programs via university medical libraries
  5. Launch nursing school rideshare apps connecting clinical placement groups
  6. Begin hospital kitchen food waste composting programs diverting landfill waste
  7. Provide free pet daycare assistance for nurses working 12-hour shifts
  8. Convert hospital campuses to native drought-resistant landscaping requiring less water
  9. Incentivize carpools and electric vehicle purchases through priority parking discounts
  10. Embed mental health first-aid overview exposure within all clinical orientation training

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Scale back hurricane flood insurance subsidies incentivizing coastal hospital developments vulnerable to climate change escalations
  2. Convert military field hospitals into domestic rural care access expansion programs
  3. Require social media identity validation to end anonymous medical misinformation abuses
  4. Impose reasonable constraints upon law enforcement access to patient health data records without judicial oversight
  5. Eliminate FDA approval backlog inefficiencies preventing timely generic prescription access
  6. Enact living-wage protection preventing corporate hospital exploitation of nurses under globalized staffing dynamics
  7. Increase National Science Foundation funding towards discovering new antibiotic compounds addressing resistance dilemmas
  8. Require diversified national stockpiling of vital medications preventing sole region collapses
  9. Embed fact-checking safeguard processes across academic nursing journal article submissions
  10. Enact stringent corporate corruption regulations preventing medical device defects coverups risking patient safety

Proposal Essay Ideas: Healthcare

  1. Increase funding for accelerated BSN nursing degree programs to rapidly expand the registered nurse workforce.
  2. Embed social workers within hospital discharge units to coordinate care plans for chronic disease patients.
  3. Enact regulations capping pharmaceutical industry influencer payments towards healthcare providers.
  4. Launch public vaccination awareness campaigns, building confidence and acceptance rates.
  5. Construct additional multi-specialty community health clinics providing integrated care coordination.
  6. Increase NIH funding towards Alzheimer’s treatments, slowing progression pathways research.
  7. Provide student debt forgiveness incentives for nurses working in designated underserved regions.
  8. Enact living-wage protection preventing corporate hospital exploitation of nurses under globalized staffing dynamics.
  9. Impose reasonable constraints upon law enforcement access to patient health data records without judicial oversight.
  10. Apply a 0.5% tax on Wall Street stock transactions funding expanded public health infrastructure.

Proposal Topics in Economics

  1. Implement a single-payer universal healthcare system to reduce administrative inefficiencies and expand nursing roles
  2. Increase Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates for nurse practitioners to improve primary care accessibility
  3. Provide expanded student loan forgiveness programs to incentivize nursing careers amidst shortages
  4. Enact legislation capping maximum allowable credit card interest rates to ease healthcare costs
  5. Eliminate insurance restrictions on pre-existing conditions to increase workforce productivity
  6. Impose reasonable inheritance taxes funding additional nursing education scholarships
  7. Apply a 0.5% transaction tax on stock trades funding expanded public health infrastructure
  8. Launch new training programs helping unemployed manufacturing workers transition towards healthcare careers
  9. Restrict risky proprietary trading by commercial banks to reduce market volatility harming retirement savings
  10. Prioritize policies aimed at median wage growth to ease nursing wage stagnation and workplace departures

Proposal Argument Topics: Culture

  1. Require comprehensive cultural competency education within nursing school curriculums to improve care outcomes for diverse patient populations
  2. Increase federal funding for substance abuse rehabilitation programs aimed at providing culturally informed support within vulnerable communities
  3. Preserve threatened indigenous medicinal wisdom through dedicated oral history documentation efforts and knowledge banks
  4. Construct interfaith community health centers improving access and providing culturally aligned wellness programming
  5. Embed training on implicit racial/gender bias recognition into nursing license renewal requirements
  6. Sponsor legislation easing immigration for foreign nurse professionals filling urgent specialty shortages
  7. Provide targeted grants for LGBTQ-led community support organizations combatting elevated mental health burdens
  8. Increase recruitment pipelines guiding disadvantaged and minority students toward nursing career paths
  9. Formalize alternative medicine practitioner collaboration roles addressing underserved cultural healthcare preferences
  10. Enact regulations protecting patients’ spiritual beliefs from infringement when contradictory to biomedical norms

Proposal Essay Topics: Social Life and Social Issues

  1. Expand funding for home-based elderly care services enabling independent living arrangements
  2. Construct additional subsidized housing with wraparound services for vulnerable homeless patients
  3. Increase SNAP nutritional assistance caps combatting healthcare complications related to malnutrition
  4. Embed social workers within primary care clinics to address socioeconomic barriers to adherence
  5. Provide grants for community-based youth programs proven to reduce risk factors leading to violence
  6. Enact paid family leave policies to assist caregivers in managing complex outpatient treatment regimens
  7. Impose soda taxes funding public nursing initiatives targeting obesity and diabetes epidemics
  8. Launch public vaccination awareness campaigns building confidence and acceptance rates
  9. Fund specialty PTSD therapy training for nurses serving vulnerable veteran populations
  10. Expand Medicare coverage for alternative treatments like acupuncture and massage benefiting chronic pain

Proposal Argument Topics: Technology

  1. Increase funding for nurse training programs focused on the effective adoption of new healthcare technologies like wearables, telemedicine, and AI assistance.
  2. Embed technology competency education into nursing school curriculums ensuring incoming workforces are prepared for precision medicine innovations.
  3. Construct additional rural broadband infrastructure to enable wider telehealth nursing deployment improving care access.
  4. Enact digital privacy regulations governing patient health data usage, preventing unauthorized sharing or selling.
  5. Require hospitals to provide nursing staff access to leading evidence-based mobile reference app subscriptions.
  6. Impose safety constraints upon law enforcement requests for access to digital patient health records without judicial oversight.
  7. Incentivized hospitals are shifting towards intuitive and interoperable electronic health record platforms, enhancing coordinated care.
  8. Sponsor the development of open-access medical technology resources, improving global frontline nursing capabilities.
  9. Embed software developers within nursing teams to tailor innovative decision-support tools matching clinical workflow needs.
  10. Increase NIH funding for developing sensor technologies able to identify early patient risk factors before acute onset.

Proposal Argument Topics: Law and Justice

  1. Enact whistleblower protections, enabling nurses to report inadequate staffing ratios or patient safety violations without retaliation.
  2. Increase funding for forensic nurse specialist training to improve evidence collection supporting criminal investigations.
  3. Require law enforcement body camera activation within hospitals to increase transparency surrounding violent arrests.
  4. Implement firm workplace violence deterrence policies, including trespass orders against threatening individuals.
  5. Apply medical parole expansion for severely ill or elderly inmates requiring extensive nursing care unavailable in corrections facilities.
  6. Enable nurse practitioner signatures for mental health involuntary holds reducing law enforcement obligations.
  7. Allow past minor drug offense expungement for expanded nursing license eligibility correcting societal harms.
  8. Embed victim advocate nurses within family violence units to improve care coordination.
  9. Construct additional women’s clinics providing rape kit exams performed by specially trained sexual assault nurse examiners.
  10. Enact clearer legislation protecting nurses from liability when following end-of-life patient DNR requests.

Proposal Writing Ideas: Literature

  1. Increase funding for the expansion of Literature, Arts, and Medicine programs, enabling nurses to use literature and the arts to process experiences and improve empathy.
  2. Add seminal nursing narratives detailing the challenges and realities of healthcare work to high school reading curriculum requirements.
  3. Sponsor writing workshops and retreats for nurses focused on composing memoir essays about poignant clinical events that shaped their careers.
  4. Fund literary journal publication supporting nursing poetry and short stories illuminating compassion fatigue struggles.
  5. Digitize and preserve important early nursing journals and historical textbooks in danger of deterioration.
  6. Underwrite documentary film projects profiling diverse pioneer nurses who helped advance the profession.
  7. Curate a Library of Congress showcase of impactful nursing novels inspiring empathy and interest in assisting roles.
  8. Establish nurse essay award programs highlighting excellent arguments for healthcare reform priorities.
  9. Commission an acclaimed author compendium of interviews exploring critical care nursing experiences.
  10. Increase funding for cultural programming at rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities, including visiting author readings.

Creative Proposal Topics and Ideas

  1. Fund public art programs in hospitals and clinics using research showing the positive impacts of visual arts in enhancing patient mood, satisfaction, and recovery outlooks.
  2. Sponsor competitions aimed at designing caregiver lounge spaces and improving restorative capacities according to evidence-based biophilic design principles.
  3. Provide seed grants for nurse-driven social entrepreneurship concepts delivering compassion care projects improving underserved community public health outreach.
  4. Establish medical inventor incubator pilot programs at nursing universities offering intellectual property mentorship around device concepts improving clinical workflows.
  5. Support participatory theater company projects focused on educating the public about pressing healthcare access issues in illuminating ways.
  6. Curate a museum exhibition showcasing historical nursing uniforms alongside modern designs aimed at balancing professional image and demanding occupational strain factors.
  7. Fund workshops facilitating nurse memoir writing towards cathartic reflections on formative clinical experiences.
  8. Commission experienced nurse songwriters to produce album projects portraying emotive challenges confronting contemporary caregivers.
  9. Provide materials budgets for nursing schools implementing evidence-based art therapy orientations into curriculum modules on self-care skill cultivation.
  10. Sponsor documentary film grant contests profiling nurses implementing pioneering exemplary practices within signature care focus realms.

Proposal Argument  Essay Topic Ideas: World History

  1. Increase WHO and CDC global pandemic preparedness funding to upgrade developing world detection and response systems preventing transnational spread.
  2. Embed historical medical atrocity ethical training modules within all nursing school curriculums to cultivate anti-discrimination moral reasoning skills.
  3. Fund construction of decentralizing modularized field hospital infrastructure in regions prone to natural disasters and refugee crises.
  4. Sponsor task forces creating rapid response contingency plans managing massive influxes of patients suffering chemical burns or radiation sickness from unconventional weapon attacks.
  5. Support nonprofits like Doctors Without Borders that send experienced nurse volunteers into global humanitarian crisis response deployments.
  6. Increase the size and capabilities of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps to assist overburdened developing world healthcare systems.
  7. Enact wartime protections for foreign or domestic field hospitals, mobile clinics, and medical supply convoys against targeting prohibitions.
  8. Ratify international humanitarian laws, expanding legal designations granting neutrality statuses to nurses assisting civilians and enemy combatants sick or wounded in war zones.
  9. Increase National Institutes of Health funding towards developing broad-spectrum antibiotic and antiviral compounds addressing drug resistance in globalized infectious outbreaks.
  10. Provide combat medic training program sponsorship opportunities for nurses from communities bearing disproportionate wartime service burdens.

Proposal Essay Ideas: Religion

  1. Require cultural competency training surrounding diverse religious beliefs that impact healthcare decisions like transfusion refusal and end-of-life care.
  2. Increase funding for faith-based addiction recovery programs incorporating spiritual counseling aligning with communities’ predominant belief systems.
  3. Implement hospital policies accommodating nurses’ religious scheduling requests for Sabbath observance, prayer break flexibility, and holiday substitutions.
  4. Expand chaplaincy staffing addressing spiritual and emotional support needs of severely ill patients facing existential distress.
  5. Sponsor conferences improving collaboration between bioethics committees and theological ethicists delineating permissible nursing medical procedure limitations.
  6. Fund improved access at religious pilgrimage mass gathering sites for deployed volunteer nursing corps assisting predictable injury patterns.
  7. Support the construction of nursing education programs within monastic settings to exchange knowledge preservations of holistic healing.
  8. Protect indigenous tribes’ rights to ritual herb harvesting, preventing habitat destruction and traditional plant-based medicine losses.
  9. Preserve threatened ancient religious and medical wisdom texts through digitization efforts before deterioration or conflict losses.
  10. Increase NIH funding into nurse-delivered spiritual care research, quantifying impacts upon patient outlooks and family support burdens.

Proposal Essay Ideas: Politics and Government

  1. Lobby congressional representatives to enact legislation capping nurse-patient staffing ratios and improving work conditions and patient safety.
  2. Advocate for government-funded home care nursing programs enabling independent seniors aging in place through expanded Medicaid.
  3. Push local officials to construct additional affordable housing with wraparound health services assisting at-risk discharged patients.
  4. Increase NIH research funding improving nurse practitioner full practice authority lobbying efforts with resistant state governments.
  5. Demand Congress approve substantial nurse faculty loan repayment programs enabling accelerated growth of nursing school admittance capacities.
  6. Petition state health departments to expand nurse prescription and testing ordering independence, replacing restrictive standardized procedures.
  7. Testify before legislative ethics committees investigating the profit-compromising influence of pharmaceutical and insurance political contributions upon elected official resistance to stifling wider reforms.
  8. Advocate increased nursing representation appointments on municipal community health boards determining public investment priorities.
  9. Critique interstate compacts enable dangerous nurses to evade disciplinary actions through authority-dodging license-relinquishing maneuvers moving across state lines.
  10. Push Congress towards formal Department of Health cabinet department establishment empowering national nurse administrator leadership roles influencing reforms.

Proposal Essay Ideas in Psychology

  1. Increase funding for training programs focused on counseling nursing students on recognizing signs of compassion fatigue and burnout prevention techniques.
  2. Embed resilience-building mindfulness practices into nursing school curriculums to help manage occupational anxiety and grief.
  3. Enact legislation enabling undocumented immigrant nurses to receive licensure to stop preventable healthcare workforce losses.
  4. Construct transitional housing with wraparound mental health services for released inmates requiring nursing care coordination.
  5. Divert recreational cannabis tax revenue towards expanding addiction rehabilitation facilities addressing co-occurring disorders.
  6. Implement cognitive behavioral therapy techniques into nursing education addressing crisis de-escalation and therapeutic communication skill cultivation.
  7. Require continuing education on recognizing and responding to human trafficking healthcare encounters and victim support coordination.
  8. Provide PTSD peer support programs linking nurses who endured patient violence for solidarity assistance in processing trauma.
  9. Increase funding for nurse specialist roles within police crisis intervention response units assisting psychotic break events.
  10. Sponsor the development of sensor technologies able to identify subtle early patient risk factor changes prior to acute adverse medical events or emergency psychiatric escalations.

Proposal Topics List: Other Ideas

  1. Construct additional transitional housing with wraparound health services for released inmates requiring extensive outpatient care coordination.
  2. Divert a percentage of state lottery revenue towards providing universal hearing aid and eyeglass coverage for disadvantaged demographics.
  3. Implement firm workplace safety prevention policies like hazmat handling protections, violent patient flagging systems, and enhanced security support.
  4. Enact legislation enabling undocumented immigrants to receive nursing licensure, stopping workforce contributor losses and exacerbating shortages.
  5. Increase National Science Foundation funding for developing sensor technologies identifying real-time patient risk factor changes prior to acute adverse events.
  6. Embed peer wellness coordinators within nursing units combatting career longevity barriers like compassion fatigue, anxiety, grief, and burnout.
  7. Incentivize top performing accelerated BSN program nursing students with scholarship guarantees ensuring graduate school continuation.
  8. Construct world-class infectious disease research complexes with specialized quarantine-enabled wards staffed by top epidemiological nurse scientists.
  9. Require administrators to provide paid self-care leaves for nurses needing mental restoration from prolonged traumatic case exposures.
  10. Divert a percentage of legalized recreational cannabis tax revenue towards substance abuse rehabilitation facilities addressing co-occurring disorders.

Proposal Ideas for College Students

Crafting an intriguing, viable proposal paper depends greatly on selecting a compelling topic suited to your writing strengths and passions. This extensive list of ideas across academic disciplines and real-world problem spaces aims to ignite original approaches most meaningful for your personal interests and future ambitions.

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